Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What Size Tree Skirt For A 4 Foot Tree - Small Sized Mini Tree Skirts

If you wonder what size of Christmas tree skirt you need to buy for a 4 foot tree, let us have a look at it this way. A 4 foot tall Christmas tree is pretty small sized and you probably guess you need only a small tree skirt for your Christmas tree. 
4 foot Christmas tree from Amazon

But what exactly should be the size of your tree skirt? Normally you should look at diameter of the tree stand to figure out how large your tree skirt should be.

The basic rule is that you should have a tree skirt which should be larger by at least a few inches than the tree stand diameter so you can cover the stand and gather your gifts.

But never worry about how large your tree skirt is if you like it that way! A large tree skirt for a small tree works because it definitely covers the tree stand and you can collect more gifts. (A small tree skirt on a large tree won't work).

So let me put it this way. You need to know what is the minimum size of a tree skirt you need to buy which will serve its purpose for a 4 foot tree ( large tree skirts can cover small trees also).

I would suggest using at least a 21 inch tree skirt for a 4 foot tree guessing the diameter of the foot to be within the measurements.

However, make sure you measure the diameter of the bottom of the stand so you can know for sure if it is less than 21 inches in diameter. If it measures more, you can look for tree skirts that are larger. As I mentioned above, the basic thing to keep in mind is that it is best to have the diameter of your tree skirt a little larger than the diameter of your tree stand, unless you want to hide the tree skirt!

So here are some suggestions for the 21 inch tree skirts, you can click on the images if you wish to buy it.

21 inch small sized mini tree skirts for 3 foot or 4 foot mini trees

Handcrafted 25 inches tree skirt, looks great with the chevron pattern and will be little more bigger than the 21" tree skirts so you get little more area for collecting the presents

Want a much more big tree skirt that covers more area under your 4 foot tree? here is a beautiful 36 inch tree!

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