Monday, November 28, 2016

Ivory Velvet Christmas Tree Skirts - Ivory Cream Colored Velvety Tree Skirts

My previous post had discussed about some of the most pretty ivory tree skirts (not velvet ivory) with the main focus on plain ivory tree skirts, ivory gold tree skirts and also ivory quilted tree skirts. 

I didn't look into the fabrics used for the tree skirts  I displayed there, so some of them might have velvet, but the main focus in the previous post had bee for the elegant and beautiful ivory gold designs and quilted or embroidered works. 

In this post, I want to focus on the Christmas tree skirts with smooth, silky textured velvet fabric and ivory color. That is a wonderful elegant combination for the most royal look that you desire for! 

You can find here cheap ivory velvet tree skirts, luxury ivory velvet tree skirts and ivory velvet tree skirts of different sizes here including large, medium and small (mini) sized tree skirts.

You may click on the images if you wish to buy any of the ivory velvet tree skirts displayed here. 

I am trying to display multiple number of different kinds of ivory tree skirts with velvet fabric, so please notice that some of the tree skirts are made with only velvet fabric while some of them have just the borders in velvet fabric. So please make sure to check the product details before you make the order.

Hope you like all the beautiful and elegant looking ivory velvety Christmas tree skirts displayed here!

Ivory Christmas Tree Skirts - Ivory Gold, Ivory Quilted - Cream Ivory Colored

Ivory Christmas tree skirts (cream or off white tree skirts) paired with gold color works or prints or just the plain ivory colored decors are most popular all around the world even during the ancient times. 

The ivory and gold combination has the most elegant, royal and yet the simple look which you can call "simple and stunning". In fact, even the minimal decorations with ivory and gold looks luxurious, and the ivory or ivory gold tree skirts come in all prices whether they are luxury tree skirts or cheap tree skirts. 

The quilted tree skirts (tree skirts with decorative quilt patterns) in ivory color is another elegant and beautiful choice which looks more decorative in all ways.

Let us see both the plain ivory designs and also the ivory gold designs and the ivory quit works too!

Ivory Burlap Tree Skirt   Ivory Gold Quilted Tree Skirt

Large Sized Ivory Tree Skirt       Snowflakes Patterns Ivory Tree Skirt

Ivory Gold Reindeer Prints Classic     Elegant Ivory Gold Embroidered Tree Skirt

You may click on the images if you wish to buy any of the above displayed ivory Christmas tree skirts.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What Size Tree Skirt For A 4 Foot Tree - Small Sized Mini Tree Skirts

If you wonder what size of Christmas tree skirt you need to buy for a 4 foot tree, let us have a look at it this way. A 4 foot tall Christmas tree is pretty small sized and you probably guess you need only a small tree skirt for your Christmas tree. 
4 foot Christmas tree from Amazon

But what exactly should be the size of your tree skirt? Normally you should look at diameter of the tree stand to figure out how large your tree skirt should be.

The basic rule is that you should have a tree skirt which should be larger by at least a few inches than the tree stand diameter so you can cover the stand and gather your gifts.

But never worry about how large your tree skirt is if you like it that way! A large tree skirt for a small tree works because it definitely covers the tree stand and you can collect more gifts. (A small tree skirt on a large tree won't work).

So let me put it this way. You need to know what is the minimum size of a tree skirt you need to buy which will serve its purpose for a 4 foot tree ( large tree skirts can cover small trees also).

I would suggest using at least a 21 inch tree skirt for a 4 foot tree guessing the diameter of the foot to be within the measurements.

However, make sure you measure the diameter of the bottom of the stand so you can know for sure if it is less than 21 inches in diameter. If it measures more, you can look for tree skirts that are larger. As I mentioned above, the basic thing to keep in mind is that it is best to have the diameter of your tree skirt a little larger than the diameter of your tree stand, unless you want to hide the tree skirt!

So here are some suggestions for the 21 inch tree skirts, you can click on the images if you wish to buy it.

21 inch small sized mini tree skirts for 3 foot or 4 foot mini trees

Handcrafted 25 inches tree skirt, looks great with the chevron pattern and will be little more bigger than the 21" tree skirts so you get little more area for collecting the presents

Want a much more big tree skirt that covers more area under your 4 foot tree? here is a beautiful 36 inch tree!

Glitter Gold Christmas Trees - Buy Glitter Gold Trees Online

Gold glitter decorations always look royal, elegant and trendy and Christmas decorations including glitter gold Christmas trees are no different. They look so shiny and festive blend easily with the rich decorations. 

Even if you don't have much time to add many Christmas decorations, if you buy a single gold glitter Christmas tree and decorate your living room with it, it will surely make the decorations look so festive and rich.

Buying tabletop Christmas trees or small Christmas trees will be  a good idea if you have very small kids or small pets. Or you can go for an average sized or large or very large tree. What I want to tell is that gold glitter Christmas trees are available in many different sizes and prices (including cheap and luxurious kind) and depending on your budget and decorating space, you can select the one you like.

Check out the gold glitter Christmas trees displayed here and if you wish to buy any of these you can click on the image which will take you to the product page.



Want to add a beautiful matching gold Christmas tree skirt for your tree? Here are some suggestions. 

Below shown are two of the best extra large sized elegant and royal looking Christmas tree skirts in gold color background, they are made of faux gold polyester silk fabric.


Glitter Snow White Christmas Trees - Buy Glittering Snow White Christmas Trees Online

Buy shiny glittered snow white colored Christmas trees online, if you wish to have a winter theme for your Christmas or simply you love to decorate your home with snow white color decorations. 

They have the silvery white glitter to it from the led rights, crystals or other decorative items that have the shiny glitter look in silver white shades.

These are perfect for the winter decorations and Christmas decorations and you can find decorative, elegant, trendy and modern designs in all these beautiful trees that look like they are covered with snow. 

Yes, the plus to decorating with snow white glitter trees is that they resemble the real trees covered in snow and decorative white lights which is perfect for the season of the year!

See below the glittery snow white Christmas trees, you can click on the image if you wish to buy the tree.

Please make sure to check out the details on the product page, if you wish to buy any of these, as you can find the information on size and such from the product page.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Glitter Cone Christmas Trees - Buy The Best Cone Shaped Christmas Trees

You can buy the best glitter cone Christmas tree here online. The glittery shiny cone shaped trees are perfect for bringing out the decorative look, with a unique design of the cone shaped tree which is unique and quite different looking from the usual kind of Christmas trees.

See the below shown images of glitter cone Christmas trees in different colors, some of them are even very colorful and bright. If you wish to buy the glittering cone Christmas trees you can click on the images.

Champagne Glitter Cone Christmas Tree

Colorful Bright Red Glitter Cone Christmas Tree

Glittery Snow Rattan Weaving Cone Christmas Tree

Hope you liked the different types of cone shaped Christmas trees which look elegant, trendy, modern and popular!